Last night I had the chance to join a personal discussion with a priest, we asked him several rhetorical questions like the story ofย how he entered the priesthood, his view of the third gender, sins, and absolution.

Then someone asked him, “If you knew that you will commit a sin – but will do it anyway then ask for repentance, will you be forgiven?”

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Cambodia for your old soul


I always like the idea of visiting Cambodia because of #1 reason: it is super cheap. Case in point: I stayed in a decent all-female dorm for USD25 for three nights. Felt like I needed a break from all the work-related stuff and decided to spend the long ASEAN holiday outside Malaysia. I fancy tuktuk rides and Siem Reap has the best night market I’ve ever seen!

Quaint cities like Siem Reap tug at my heartstrings – to live simply without the sight of towering buildings, to sip a cup of coffee or to eat pistachio ice cream while waiting for time to pass. The calmness of having nothing to worry except for the next destination.

Anatomy of a Great Service


There’s a mountaineering sign of compassion where you greet all fellow hikers along the way with “Magandang Umaga po! or Ingat!”. These brief greetings are creating a sense of belongingness – as if we need each other’s encouragement to reach the summit. My last hike was two years ago in Mt. Pulag glared over the sea of clouds from 2,922 above sea level. It was beyond surreal.

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“Don’t settle for nice, for pleasant, for familiar. Keep looking until you find something that really moves you, that resonates with your core. And I mean this for people, for interests, for hobbies, for your possessions, clothes, music, books, art. Everything. Curate every aspect of your life, as much as you can. It’s in the things that deeply inspire us that we find ourselves. Surround yourself with truth and you will build yourself a heaven.”

Fill the Void


We were walking along Teresa street with my college friends when I asked a rhetorical question to everyone, how’s it going to be years from now? At the spur of the moment, we had our muddled plans of working and living together in one house. Six years later, we are still here rummaging through life – some parted ways, some getting married and most of us get by.

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The Sunday Currently | Week 33 / 52

Sunday Currently (1)

The verse of the day seemed appropriate to the current situation in the Philippines, Proverbs 2:8 Guarding the paths of justice, And He preserves the way of His godly ones. I pray that justice will prevail from all the ‘nanlaban’ rampant killings.

Hm, this Sunday Currently?

Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago album with the hit song, Skinny Love and friends, listen to The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice (OST of Closer 2004).

North Korea always strikes an interest so watching Netflix’s Propaganda Game (2015) quite amused me. Compared to other documentaries about the reclusive country, this film showed a balanced point of view including those of the loyal DPRK citizens and how its Western detractors generate ‘false propaganda’ against them. Remember, the so-called ‘state-approved haircut policy‘ and The Interview (2014)? Though it showed the autocratic government of the supreme leader Kim Jong-un, it also discussed some positive impact to its people. One of the film’s highlights is Alejandro, an unofficial ambassador the country who hails from Spain.

If I should go to Japan in October and finally get the chance to walk in Shibuya Crossing.

Smelling efficascent oil as the moment, been feeling under the weather these past days.

For a sunny weather tomorrow because we are visiting Ipoh for the holiday.

Pajama and loose-fitting shirt

My beef sinigang in tamarind, I like how it turned out last night. Hot soup for the sick!

Muster up the courage to go on a road trip in Cameron Highlands and sip tea in the cafe overlooking the sweeping Boh Plantation.

I need to regain inspiration for this online journal, maybe through films? I hope they show Filipino independent films in Malaysia. My overdue watch list includes Sunday Beauty Queen and my friends say, 100 Tula Para Kay Stella is also nice.

Excited to go to Ate Ash and Kuya Ian’s baby shower party this afternoon. It’s been one week since I haven’t seen my churchmates!

Super funny viral videos of ‘Batdad’, see for yourself :

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