An Open Letter: Broken Strings

Dear Friends,

Other people might have a hard time to understand the string that pulls us together. Almost nine years of good and bad memories but mostly fun times, we are in this circle. We struggled and progressed through life together, didn’t let each other down in challenging times and for myself, I treated this friendship as my intangible other half.

We let ourselves be human and acted based on our current emotions. Things have been said, miscalculations done, constant self-blaming and incriminating others, after all, aren’t we all sinners? Some people, they sin differently from us.

In time, we can forgive but we can never forget. This ordeal will remind us how fragile we are and ultimately how the greatest power – love, overcomes pain in all forms (yes, without reservations). All we can do for now is getting used to this apparent self-consciousness because damage has been done. To the responsible ones, let this sink in and serve as a wake-up call. We can only lessen the pain by moving forward and making it right through hopefully this time, with mutual respect.

Personally, I don’t know if I have been the good friend or simply existed in the situation. It will take some time for us to repair the broken strings in this friendship as a whole. I believe, we will survive this because we didn’t name ourselves (ch)survivors for nothing.

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