Women Rock IT talk @ UST

It’s a dream come true to speak infront of you. Part of the bucket list dubbed as “30 things before 30”, I have created two years ago is to recite my own essay composition in public.

My life has been a series of joy, frustrations and realizations.

I can still remember I wrote in my highschool memoir that I want to be a newscaster. For the simple reason that I want to see myself on TV. With this aspiration in mind, I went to Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila with my admission slip on-hand at the university’s main building. Unconsciously, I was on the wrong building and the deadline to manually enlist my name for college was catching up. The next thing I knew i was falling in line with the then, newly opened course in the university – Business Adminstration Major in Marketing Management. If I am not mistaken, I was the 5th student who enlisted for the program during my enrollment day.

I pursued the course and discovered that I actually liked it and earned some of the best years during college.

In the summer of 2009, I became a working student for a BPO company to further support my financial needs. Good times! I can still remember the time I applied for a job in was the very first time I rode an elevator. I felt, “ganito pala sa Maynila “ from someone who lived her entire life in the, then province of Bulacan. Hey, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan is now a City!

It was a struggle to attend to both 8-hour work flow and be a full-time regular student. After every class, I can still remember , I was literally running under the scorching heat towards the bus station just to get through my shift. After almost a year, I decided to focus on my studies and resigned from my work.

It was in my third year college when I got a taste of subject failure, I failed in one of my subjects because of not passing the qualifying exam. Due to frustration, I hurriedly went to Quiapo church alone, cried because I will repeat a subject, meaning I have to endure another cost for the subject and everyday expense just to attend to one class during summer. I also prayed to God hoping that something wonderful will come out of it.

Times have passed and the following summer, I have enrolled for the subject. Plan A: apply for a BPO company again while I am attending a summer class however no BPO would accept my morning class because of their training schedules. Plan B: apply for internship. Left with no choice, I settled for Plan B. As I search in Google the available marketing intership, I stumbled upon the blog of Mr. Ritchie Ramos. I revised my resume fit for the Marketing Intern and sent it to the email indicated. After few days, I got a call for an interview and eventually got accepted by Novare Technologies. Problem solved, I was fortunate to find an internship programs with allowance to cover my expense for the summer class I was taking then.

My internship was one of the best learning years of my life. I learned how to execute programs from actual events and communicate more to people, among other things. It was a fullfilment feeling seeing an actual event you organized comes to life.

In time for my graduation, Sir Ritchie, my boss from the previous company where I had my internship informed me that he was looking for a Marketing Assistant for his new company, Cisco. I cheerfully, agreed!

For the first few years, I can say that it was a love & hate relationship with my work – parang lovelife. There were days when I am contently happy and there are days that I wanted to quit because of apparent self-failure. There were days when I don’t know what I really like and feared for the future. There were times I felt entitled that I deserve better and moments of reality crashing on my face, keeping my feet on the ground. Ye know, Millenial problemz.

I started to believe that if you just do your best in your work with compassion, positive things will follow.

Another opportunity comes knocking after another. I was part of the Marketing team for two years, then I transitioned to my current role, Program Specialist. After three wonderful years, I am glad to inform you that I will be moving to the Virtual Sales Account Manager role which will be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by May of this year. I’ll be flying to KL by Saturday. I am serving Cisco for five years now. We are fortunate to be in a generation where equal opporutnities are given to women. Working in the IT industry has been progressive, knowing that technological advancement are limitless.

It’s challenging and the learning process is extensive, but totally worth it. The journey is still long, challenging and uncertain, but knowing that we can somehow control our future by today’s action makes it less nerve–racking.

I have prepared my own set of life lessons for you:

• Never compare yourself to others, it will only cause you envy. No one can ever win in the game, “who’s better?”. Each individual has own potential and setback. Don’t compare the progress of others to you in terms of career development, track your own progress and do your best.

• Identity capital – Invest in yourself. Make the summer worthwhile – huwag puro beach, apply for a summer job/workshop, enroll in a baking class, or apply for internship which can possibly land you on your dream job. Do things that add value on yourself. After graduation, most employers would be intesrested to applicants with internship background.

• Let your quality of work speak for itself hence always give your best effort. Let other people put light in you through compliments. Humility should always be directly proportional to one’s success. It’s a satisfying feeling knowing that other people notice you for the good job that you’ve done.

• Always stay on positive side of life and even if you encounter challenges, think of a resolution and if you know in your heart, you’ve done your best, you won’t have any regrets.

• When you started working and earning on your own, always look back to those people – your parents, boss/mentors, managers or anyone who were with you in your journey. Part of who you are, you owe it to them.

Everything happens for a reason. I always keep in mind that God has bigger plans than ourselves. Challenges can be an opening door for better opportunities. If you fail, learn from it and do better next time. Don’t quit just yet, the first work years will be the most challenging and it will be the foundation of your career so make yourself a valuable asset of your company.

I didn’t become a newscaster but I believe that I am currently in a disposition where God wants me to be. Looking back through all that I’ve been, it’s like He is preparing me for something better than I have ever imagined. Have faith, be compassionate and do the your best, the rest will follow.

Thank you!

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