Life & Times: first month

I’ve been living independently since college but nothing prepared me for relocating abroad, thousand miles away from my family. On my first night, it all came into my realization as I walked towards my Airbnb room, yep.. so I’m alone in this unfamiliar place *patted myself then cried like a baby* (true story). Pero first night lang yun, I felt I needed to release my overwhelming emotions lang. Then after that, I am okay.

Fortunate to find a room rental that’s just walking distance from office. I found a place to stay just a day before I report to work. For myself, I wanted to view the actual room before committing long-term (please see reference: lovelife). In Malaysia, room rentals are bounded by contract for 6 or 12 months.

I am currently in a 3-bedroom condo unit with Malay and Indian housemates. Talk about cultural exchange, we have very different views in life and that include the way we cook rice. My Indian housemate has her own pot, I think a pressure cooker to make rice while my Malay housemate prefers steaming the grains. I opt for the easiest, through a rice cooker. We prepare different kinds of dishes at a time, I let them taste chicken adobo while I got to try Indian sweets and Malaysia’s nasi lemak and other spicy cuisines.

In line with my venture into domestication, I started baking muffins! Discovered the joy of cooking dishes and preparing baon for work. Saved a number of Tasty Facebook posts for recipes. I also look forward to my weekend grocery, definitely morphing into a #Tita but whatevs, I guess it naturally comes with age. My 22-year old self would have been proud of my current interests. Gone are days of party-mode and alcohol-induced years. Surprisingly, I abhor the taste of beer and rum now. Wine, plzzz. I’ve been checking food labels every time looking for low-fat, less-salt and organic options. Yes, currently raving about brown rice, fruit shakes and granola!

After a week in Malaysia, I started attending the worship with The Feast, a Roman Catholic community of Filipino in KL. I would say that I’m a believer but I was not a devout church-goer. Attending The Feast has transformed me to be more spiritual and prayerful. When we bow our heads, pray together and sing for Jesus, I can feel His love showering over us (as cliché as it sounds, but yes, ramdam mo eh). It’s been only a month but attending the service provided positive impact in my life. I think the solemn prayer and heartfelt testimonials make me notice even the simplest blessings around me and aspire for the goodwill of everyone. I also find stories in the Bible worth-reading. Just last week, I joined the Music Ministry to sing on stage. Milestone!!! Di lang pangkaraoke, pang Music Ministry na rin!

When people ask me, kamusta na ako? I usually reply, I am okay.. adjusting pa rin pero keri naman. Carry on with God’s grace!

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