An Open Letter

“To you,

I want to say I hope you’re doing well and that on your bad days the sun shines a little brighter to make them easier for you. Or that everything falls into place and your life is a walk in the park and you get everything your pretty little heart and soul desires. But I don’t want someone who has had it easy and has had everything handed to them but someone who has been through some shit and came out stronger, more appreciative and even more beautiful—so instead I am going to say this:

I hope you find something you’re passionate about that makes you want to get out of bed on the days that it seems nearly impossible. I hope that you catch a few breaks here and there that give you just enough momentum to keep you going.

But I hope you struggle.

I hope there are days when you have to muster up everything in you to even get yourself to keep breathing, but I hope you don’t give up. Because one day is coming and we are going to have each other and the struggles won’t be nearly as hard when we can look to our side and lean on one another. By now I’m assuming you’ve had you’re heart broke once at least and I hope your friends were there to hold you or comfort you. And I believe the first one hurts the worst and I know you are always going to be in love with them in a way because they have a piece of you no one will ever be able to touch. I want you to tell me about them and tell me what you guys went through and what went wrong. I even want you to tell me that sometimes you still want to run back to them occasionally. Just know I’ll accept that and you never have to act like it isn’t true because I understand. I accept your past. All of it. Whatever it may be. Whether you messed up and spent 3 important years of your life too drunk to even remember the difference between right and wrong.

We all have pasts and some of us have been through more than others and we all handle things differently, I’m aware of that. How you chose to repair what, whoever or whatever broke you is okay. I won’t hold your past against you or ever bring it up in a negative way and belittle you for it. And I hope you still let yourself care entirely too much. I care too much. I hope that someone didn’t hurt you into acting like you don’t care, but it’s okay if they did. Ill be patient and show you that it’s okay to care again. You have to be really brave to keep on caring in this cold world. Just know I’ve been loving you for 20 years now and I don’t even know who you are yet. I love you and I am going to keep loving you.

Sincerely, Yours” —S. Pierce

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