Sunday Reflections : The Feast KL 3rd Anniversary

Recently, I’ve been going through some personal adversities and the gathering yesterday helped me to trust Him more than ever. What struck me the most from a testimony is that God knows where I am. Have faith and lift up to His name, things will be according to His plans. Everything in perfect timing. I will hold onto my aspirations intact with a prayer. I witnessed how God orchestrated in previous phases of my life. How struggles led me to a better version of myself. I think I will be eternally a work in progress. As I seek for guidance and forgiveness, it makes me human and at the same time becoming more like Jesus everyday. My love tank has been overflowing because of God’s grace. It is said that love cannot be created, you can only get it by sharing. I’ve been blessed to receive this amount of love.

It’s been five months since I migrated to KL and knowing Jesus more is one the the best things that ever happened to me. After a videoke session, I’m so glad Ate Ky invited me to be part of the Music Ministry. My heart is filled with joy when we sing praises. The weekly testimonies and gospel readings are so relatable it started to reflect in my daily life.

Thank you to my Feast family!

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