90/10 Principle : best day ever

I thought of writing about the series of unfortunate events I had these past days but changed my mind to reverse the mood by sharing the happy events instead. Sabi ni Mr. Stephen Covey, you have no control over 10% of what happens in your life. The other 90% was determined by your reaction. So, read on! 🙂

  • Bought a violin and (partly) learned how to play HAPPY BIRTHDAY in time for Papa’s 56th birthday. Two years ago I wrote a list of things I want to accomplish before my 30th which includes learning how to a play a musical instrument. Never imagined it would be a violin, thanks to online self-help Youtube videos and DJ Patty Tiu for **inpiration**. I’m still struggling to learn how to strike the bow properly for better sound. Just realized that Silent Night is easier than Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the easiest recognizable song to play. Daniel Jang , how to be you po?
  • Visited Pangkor Island together with my Feast family. From the sleepless night of watching Ouija before the trip, fun 3-hour carpool, preparing food altogether and the best part – singing OPM, solid! As romantic as it gets, sobrang chill yung jam sa beach shore w/ matching bonfire singing classic 90’s OPM hits. I luv OPM, golden years talaga ng Pinoy music yung 90’s. Off topic: magaganda pa rin yung music sa Pinas until now, please listen to BP Valenzuela and TheSunManager. Depende sa genre na gusto mo, meron saktong OPM for you. (wow, promote?!)
  • November marks my 7th month in Malaysia which equates to adjusted 11% residential tax also known as self-imposed non-probationary period, wohoo we can do this. I am always looking forward. Makinig tayo kay Rihanna, work work work *repeat 100 times then replay again*.
  • Epic convos with Moira, Mela and Mish, I really don’t know how we ended up talking almost everyday. Anyare mga bes, LDR? From personal, political views down to KPOP, may sense ha. Congrats to us!
  • My happy list won’t be complete without my virtual sunshine, Mama. My mother sends daily photos and words of encouragement via Facebook, minsan pati Snapchat (sarrehh, techie na sya). This makes me miss home less, can’t wait to see my family again for the holidays.

Whatever situation I’m in right now, as much as possible I try to evaluate my reaction if it will help ease my burden or aggravate my mood (because it just won’t help). So yes, I’m smiling from afar years from now, feeling elated how things turned out to be.

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