What I Wrote After Withdrawing Resignation

It’s been a while since I posted an update except for the constant photos appearing from Instagram. Btw, just so you know I bought a second-hand iPhone somewhere in Guadalupe because I can’t afford to buy brand new nor apply for a monthly plan yet. I still have daughter duties. Ironically, the perks of independence! After my Blackberry’s sad death last summer, I need a phone capable of receiving email, tweets, YouTube surfing – not just TV screening (I am talking to you my dear, Cherry Mobile.)

I’ve gone through a lot of questions, answers and more questions these past weeks about quarter life crisis-related stuff aka career. I opted not to over think and just let things happen. Go with the flow and be open to everything. After reading Michael Carandang’s feature in Status magazine tonight, my admiration of doing what I think is right and what I enjoy/love became more intense. I recommend you read his story!

I cannot perpetually procrastinate just because I am not happy for like.. 30 mins and then I’m okay afterwards. I need more mature and long term thinking ye know. But seriously, I am more thankful for quite sometime and learned to accept the fact that some things are out of my control (if I think I’ve tried enough – hard enough). It’s like ‘looking in eye of the problem”. There’s no way I can solve problems if I just escape from them. The problem’s still there but you.. you go out of your field trying to be the best version of your self and when problems rise again.. you escape? Nothing was solved, nothing mattered. These are some of the most motivational words I got from my colleagues.

In a nutshell, I am staying where I am because I still love what I do, passion’s still there plus being with the best people in the industry so hang on self you’re still on the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model! I kid.

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