Sunday Currently Vol. 1



Currently checking travel stories from PS. I’m On My Way by Trisha Velarmino. It was in December 2015 when I was reading an entry in her journal about pursuing your travel aspirations. Presto! I booked the plane ticket four hours before my flight to Batanes. I spent four days with the locals touring the panoramic and serene sights on the northernmost province of Philippines. It was an eye-opening experience!


Personally, it’s easier to put words into thoughts when I feel downright disheartened. I think this just shows that I am at the moment where everything falls into place. I haven’t been writing anything except for the constant update from this journal (aka collating films).


My album of the decade, The Neon Hour by BP Valenzuela.


Hitler’s Bodyguard in Netflix episode 4, I can’t believe the structured and internal competition protecting the Führer had a lot of drama on it — a lot enough to produce a documentary with 13 episodes!


About my upcoming trip to Philippines for work plus a side trip to La Union. Ahh, beach!


Veggie Fiesta pizza of Dominos, how come I only discovered you recently?


I hope to start investing in online stocks. This morning, I attended an initial briefing about the basic concept and how we can utilize online stocks to secure our financial goals.


Comfy pajama and over-sized shirt, my weekend home uniform.


My impulsive decision to cut my hair very short came after a disappointment of my ATM card getting suspended. I think every woman should try to cut their hair very short once in their lifetime, to try shying away from the hair goals demands of society.  I always believe in cliché millennial adage that goes with #YOLO. Loving it, so glad I did it again.


To visit Japan and see cherry blossoms. If all the odds are in my favor, I am looking forward to catch the season in Hokkaido this coming May.


The need to eat healthier and regain interest for home-cooking! I think there’s a phase of my expat life where for a month I’ve been cooking and saving all possible Tasty recipes  whereas the following month I’ll just order pizza or eat outside.


Happy to be a friend to someone – from shisha midnight talks, weekday bowling activity and Light Group discussions.


Have you watched the cute viral video where the children interrupted the live coverage of their father in BBC news? I watched it several times today to heighten my euphoria!

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton

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