On short hair prejudices

short hair

A brawny looking man came up to me and told he’s the one cutting my hair. I was slightly taken aback as I show him a photo of the undercut I want. I have to remind myself, I am in a salon and not in a barber shop. Seated, looking at myself in the mirror, I contemplated for a couple of minutes before I finally decided, let’s do it! With my closed eyes and pounding heartbeat, I let him shaved my hair.

I was known for having the best-maintained hair in my early teenage years. My classmates often asked the brand of shampoo I used to which I replied with a classic advertisement tone from Rejoice, “Sinuklay ko lang yan!”. Long, black silky hair na sumusunod sa galaw! It was my crowning glory until a classmate accidentally cut my hair after playing scissors that formed twig-like features over my head. (Hi Franclin, if you are reading this. Hello! Hahaha). My younger self cried like a baby as I envisioned bullying out of this uneven hair. The pillars of our high school classroom knew the pressures of a growing teenager in the suburbs of Bulacan. It felt like I had to follow certain trends to be relevant. Anyone here ever heard of elephant pants?

In my pre-#YOLO hair adventure years, I swore in keeping my mane long and black. My office mates in PH can attest to this, I tediously curled my hair from six in the morning and arrive at meetings in full hair and make-up (and sometimes small slight burns on my arm because of iron curler, the struggle was real).

It took me 25 years of existence to learn not to fully depend on aesthetic affirmation from other people. Hairstyle preference is subjective. I have nothing against long hair-loving folks but sharing my thoughts in the interest of starting this short hair movement.

It was 2015 Valentine’s Day, when I decided to finally have my shortest haircut. I’ve been wanting to try a pixie cut or maybe distract myself in my singlehood on this particular day. Either of the reasons, I proceeded.

A colleague politely asked if I am a lesbian after cutting my hair so short, I promptly provided “No” as an answer. As much as my gay best friends would love to, it is clearly not my cup of tea. Believe it or not, I have grown into this circle of friends respecting all gender preferences and celebrating all kinds of love. Human nature says people tend to initially judge others based on their appearance, skin color, social status or how muscular one’s hairstylist is. It amused me how this pixie cut sort of became a social experiment.

In my case, short hair makes me look older. It exudes the certain feel of authority, a care-free attitude which translates to woman empowerment. Living by with the words: short hair, don’t care. Conversely, I am still taking the “you-look-younger-because-of-your-height” as a compliment folks.

If you’ve been eyeing to cut your hair, do it. Don’t fret, it’s just hair. Make your friends and family have a second look. Let them wonder how changing your look can appease your mood. Lifetime is too short with just a single hairstyle. You wouldn’t know if it fits you unless you try it. Mga sis, I know we all learned this from Basha but a heartbreak shouldn’t be the sole reason of chopping one’s hair.

Our generation has never been more receptive to those who challenge the norm redefining the standards of ~*beauty*~. From gorgeous transgenders winning pageants abroad, morena beauty queens, local celebrities showing stretch marks, full-figured female models or pixie cut of international public figures, we fully embraced these as the embodiment of what we depict as attractive.

I am maintaining this undercut for some time. Less hassle, less shampoo, and more hair cream. I find it appealing to pair this man’s hairstyle with effeminate fashion. Allow me to excuse myself as I step out of the box with this undercut wearing a bright dress, red lipstick, and high heels.

Cheers, bro! *virtual fist bump*

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