Fill the Void


We were walking along Teresa street with my college friends when I asked a rhetorical question to everyone, how’s it going to be years from now? At the spur of the moment, we had our muddled plans of working and living together in one house. Six years later, we are still here rummaging through life – some parted ways, some getting married and most of us get by.

I used to fail at maintaining a friendship, I have my fair share of lost neighborhood clique. I blame it on my self-sufficient ego of surpassing alone on whatever life throws at me. This year, I hope to rekindle some of those lost connections and seek the need for other people to fill some void.

Recent years have been kind. If my life will be played in a Sundance film, some renegade college students can probably take a snippet of inspiration from me – Yes, there’s still hope. I wouldn’t trade my time in university for anything else, it’s a mix of chaos and coming of age realizations that shaped my current character.

No matter how old I get, I still long for the kind of happiness we felt while we were dancing under the rain along the shores of Laiya, Batangas.

Remember the first Batangas trip? Our tears flowed together with the rain and fixated our own stories to one another. I would bring myself to the idea of us being connected until we have our own families, that we will be attending each other’s weddings and baby showers. Admittedly, I miss laughing endlessly on our inside jokes as a group and speaking languages we can only understand.

I don’t intend to win the congeniality award nor be the perpetually neutral person, or maybe, we can retrace our path along Teresa street and imagine the next decade of our lives – with or without each other.

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