Anatomy of a Great Service


There’s a mountaineering sign of compassion where you greet all fellow hikers along the way with “Magandang Umaga po! or Ingat!”. These brief greetings are creating a sense of belongingness – as if we need each other’s encouragement to reach the summit. My last hike was two years ago in Mt. Pulag glared over the sea of clouds from 2,922 above sea level. It was beyond surreal.

Every Saturday afternoon, we also have our own greeting of compassion. We pat each other’s shoulders and say “Great service!”. But what makes a worship service great?I believe every worship service has been set for a certain level of greatness. Yesterday’s anniversary service is I would describe, ibang level! Solid!

It was when during the ministry song that catapulted the crowd into a trance – the kind that gives clarity after. It was so heartfelt to see people subtly pulling tears away from their eyes. I had several hair-raising moments as well. It felt good to sing praises, have you been to a musical concert before? That feeling – only you are singing to extend the good word. Great service is done when we become an instrument for other people to realize all their blessings, actualizing common good and eventually being a disciple to other as well. Memories are intact forever but the joy of a great service stays with you for days. Perhaps, this is the reason why we look forward on weekends, being a servant to others.

Above all our own greatness, it is love and God’s grace that sustain us. I always believe that when challenges arise, there is always a reason. There is no coincidence nor magic, only miracles.

Kaya sa lahat, great service!

PS. I think it’s about time for me to go back hiking.

*Above photo grabbed from Kimberly Dela Cruz during our April 2015 climb

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