Life Lately

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Before I totally lost interest in the writing department, there is no more fitting way to share the status of my life than in today’s All Saint’s Day.

Life is more exciting in listed numbers (fact: I forgot the html code for bullets).

  1. I have been through different stages of emotions these past few weeks, no middle ground, only extremes. Truth is, I am coping with sadness at times. Most people only see the surface. There are days when I don’t want to go out of my room, lay down entire day in bed, binge-watch Netflix and request for Food Panda to deliver some sandwiches because #lethargic. As cliche as this saying goes by Wendy Mass, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
  2. Started my fascination on skincare, I have never cared so much about moisturizer than these days. I can’t believe my 28-year old self only discovered this just now. As we grow older, our skin needs more hydration! My current favorite Body Shop Tea Tree facial scrub and Vitamin E Aqua Boost sorbet, work wonders so far! For someone who doesn’t usually splurge on beauty products and been using body lotion in face (sorry na!!), I realized it’s about time to invest in proper skin care products because ehem.. I am an aging millennial.
  3. I only discovered Instagram Stories recently hence the reason for my over-sharing of posted photos in IG. I never thought a lot of people are into it. Since IG stories disappear after 24hrs, I think we prefer it because ayaw na natin balikan yung ibang memories (hugot?!!).
  4. Again, I am trying to cut off rice and meat these days to try to lose some weight. My pants are starting to get smaller (or my body growing horizontally). Segway, I am also going to gym classes once a week. I am still on the verge of whether to enroll or just keep this once a week commitment hoping to get an abs by dancing away my fats.
  5. I am going to Siem Reap, Cambodia during the long ASEAN Summit holiday. Aside from temple run in Angkor Wat, any recommendations?Β 

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