Last night I had the chance to join a personal discussion with a priest, we asked him several rhetorical questions like the story of how he entered the priesthood, his view of the third gender, sins, and absolution.

Then someone asked him, “If you knew that you will commit a sin – but will do it anyway then ask for repentance, will you be forgiven?”

He answered, “Yes, but if in the first place, you knew it is not the right thing, why will you still do it?” Remember that in John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. God gave up his only Son for our eternal life in the hopes of following His words, doing the right thing.

This struck a nerve sending a clear message to me. I am at a crossroad of putting my personal self-interest over doing what I think is right. No matter how contented and happy we are at most times, demanding situations are also a fact of life. I firmly believe that you can know more about a person’s character on how he reacts to situations that will test his profound values, faith, and patience. Through introspection, what kind of person I am? Are these actions aligned with the things I believe in? And, I think these are the essential questions to ask ourselves during trying times.

The priest also explained the importance of confession for us, Catholics. Truth is, I only had one confession in my entire life during catechism class for Holy Communion back in elementary days. So long, Father.

Father mentioned stories about how some people regard their faith. Yes – it’s true, my nominal faith back in the Philippines was mainly for application forms asking for my religion, weddings, baptisms and attending Church only in times of struggles. I think in a way, I transferred to Malaysia with a deeper purpose, part of it is self-discovery.

As I enter this crossroad, I try to ask these essential questions hoping I will find the right way.

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