When familiarity breeds contempt

Every morning at my desk, I restart my MacBook even if once you flip open the laptop it automatically shows the same windows last night. I always want to start my day on a clean slate, at least on my work computer. Everything cleared. No open applications. Neat desktop. I am ready for today’s hustle.

In a parallel universe, our hearts can be cleansed with a press of a button every day, sinless and reborn the next day. Perfect relationships will flourish however in reality, there are more compelling reasons to go on. The greatest stories start when we find Christ in our darkest moments, at the bottom of our sin, ready to accept redemption. It’s a continuous series of ups and downs on what makes it a beautiful story.

Here’s a fact of life: At some point, you will still fail people even those who are dearest to you, you will judge them for the bad decisions in their lives, and eventually, it becomes a test of love. It is human nature to feel negative towards certain situations – sad, angry or disappointed, and it’s fine. Take your time but don’t dwell on it. What we do after defines a person’s worth to us, a conscious decision to keep, love or forgive them even from afar.

It’s so easy to love a person because of the good side, what makes love real is choosing them despite your differences and helping them become a better person. Stories from the Bible tell us how humility is relative to grace, how repentant sinners transitioned to followers and how Jesus chose the outsiders by accepting them in His mission of fulfilling the prophecy. We are given free will to follow His ways.

If we hope to be a mirror of Christ, how do we resolve a problem with familiarity? I believe the first step is to accept that all people have different journeys, backgrounds, and personalities with all the good and bad. As much as we try, understand from where they are coming from. You cannot feel negative towards someone without a deeply-rooted cause and you may start to resolve from there. What we are seeing is just a portion of one man’s life, we tend to conclude things and profile them as a one word adjective based on our judgement. My dear, life is short to carry a heavy heart, free yourself from the baggage. In recent years, I found that the best way to deal with a person in a challenging situation is to respond with kindness and knowing them more – it transcends people.

May we always seek for positive change – that mistakes aren’t permanent, that we can still wake up tomorrow beaming with so much hope that little things at a time can be done to be better. And for all you know, one day, you will look in the mirror seeing a brand new person molded by wisdom and beautiful stories to share.

At the end of every business day, I end up with a messy desktop knowing that tomorrow will bring a brand new day of ‘cleaning’ the slate. Press RESTART.

2 thoughts on “When familiarity breeds contempt

  1. Raph Cristoff November 17, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    Hi Ivy,

    Amazed again with your content.
    How you relate stories from the Bible to your life experiences shows your deep faith to Him.
    Despite of disappointments, ups and downs here on earth you’d still choose to love,forgive and act kindness to people. (which is difficult)
    Got some dealing with familiarity tips as well.
    Thanks for inspiring people.πŸ™‚
    Stay Blessed!πŸ˜‡


    • Ivy November 18, 2018 / 2:07 pm

      Hi Raph, thank you for reading!! More to come!!! ✨😊


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