I locked my apartment’s door with the keys inside the unit and after almost two hours of breaking the doorknob — but still to no avail, I finally listened to other people recommending to reach out for a locksmith.

In 30 years, this is the first time I heard this word locksmith and their purpose. I don’t know which one should I be more frustrated – leaving my keys inside the unit or not knowing a locksmith exists.

I have been through the best and worst of times, highs to lows, celebrated the happiest days of the year and slept myself to tears in those long nights. This year taught me resilience at my weakest point, to seek the things I deserve, to understand people more, to pray harder – for me and for others, to continue a life of worship.

Mustering up the courage to welcome my thirties to the next level of wisdom, reflection, and faith. I am sharing these snippets of life lessons:

  • Hardwork brings results, no other formula. You can thank the heavens for luck but still in the long run, consistent quality of work will sustain you. Always, always be reminded of this.
  • Don’t let anyone invalidate your feelings. Part of maturity is the courage to say how other people made you feel. Acknowledge and don’t let it just pass because as I always tell this, “little things can become massive”.
  • Begin with the end in mind. Have a clear goal and stick with it. Picture yourself living it, post photos of it on your vision board, make sure that each day you do something that will make you closer to the goal.
  • Self-care is best prescribed for weary days. Moisturize day and night.
  • Forgiveness is for one’s self. Treat yourself with a peace of mind by leaving the extra baggage behind. In return, apologize for the things you’ve done. No one’s perfect but accepting mistakes is the first step to change – applies to you and to everyone.
  • Never lose your logic. Remember how your mentors taught you to become wise. Be still, respect above all else.
  • Trying to be kind and causing no harm to people don’t free you from pain. Life will bring you episodes of real-life drama seemingly taken from a movie and all you can do is just close your eyes and cry. Cry until there are no more tears. I remember reading somewhere that not a single tear goes unnoticed. I had my full trust that everything will be okay, that everything’s going to be fine, that this has its own purpose.
  • There are people who will always be there to listen, treasure them. You will really know your friends in the worst of times.
  • Love, as it is always a conscious decision is a mystery in itself. It grows into you until it becomes a part of your subconscious. It’s so easy to love a person because of the good side but what makes love real is choosing them despite the differences and helping them become a better person. You try to remember what made you admire them – from the grandest to the simplest of gestures. Then, you decide. Love outweighs hate by choosing grace over justice – just as our Saviour gives salvation to us, sinners.

For what it’s worth, I trust that this is part of a bigger beautiful story waiting to unfold.

No more locked doors because I know now, locksmiths are open 24/ 7.

One thought on “Locksmith

  1. Yani Sarabia October 9, 2019 / 12:59 pm

    Full of heart and soul. Cheers to life and love!


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